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Slides of the Times was founded in 2009, by Mark Aggers, to provide a modern method of viewing photographs. Photography has evolved with the advent of digital imaging, and the worldwide web has made it easier than ever to share photographs around the globe allowing photographers to showcase their work.Image of World Trade Center

Mark began taking photographs with a 35mm film camera as a kid, and was able to capture the iconic World Trade Center from a unique vantage point. His photographic development has included colleges classes, long hours printing in the darkroom, and even more hours printing digitally.

Some of the classes Mark has taken, like Photojournalism, have increased his appreciation for other applications of photography. A news media website, iReport using the screen name Snolife, has helped to share news stories.

Combining images and music into slideshows is the ultimate goal of this website, and therefore Slides of the Times was the name that was decided to convey the ultimate purpose of this website.

We hope you enjoy the photographs here, and we appreciate you exploring our site!

Contact Us

Slides of the Times partners with Reflect Photographics, a website showcasing the sports photography and graphic design services that are offered to teams, and businesses. Please visit the site, and remember us for your future needs. We would appreciate hearing from you, and can be reached at, or

Mailing Address:
Reflect Photographics
590 E. Highway 105
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